Fishing Latest August 2013

Hi All,

Here's a brief update of the recent events and changes happening on our lakes.

Our newly opened Lodge Lake has produced some big Tench from 5lb to 7lb, along with Carp up to 28lb and Orfe up to 5lb. A day ticket for Lodge Lake will cost you £10, or £18 if you wish to bring a second rod.

On the subject on ticket prices, from the 1s of January 2014 we will be raising the day ticket price on Copse Meadow lake to £10 a day.

April 2013 Fishing Latest

Hi All,

We hope our update finds you all well! Delighted to see a little sunshine brining more of you to the lakes!

So what’s been happening? The awful weather has given us a slow start to the year, however, things are now picking up. Snake was fishing beautifully at the weekend, the warm weather heated things up nicely and the recent club match, were delighted with the results. All other lakes are fishing well, but a little more sun will improve things no end!

Fishing Latest September 2012 - News Flash – News Flash – News Flash

There will be a new change of rules for BEAN LAKE ONLY! Boys and girls you will be pleased to hear that from 1st OCTOBER 2012 we have agreed to allow two rods on Bean Lake only. Your normal day ticket of £10 will apply with an extra £8 for the second rod. So that’s a total of £18 for two rod fishing.

There is also a change to our Pike Fishing Rules. You are no longer allowed to use treble hooks. From the 1st of October you are to use two single hooks on a trace only (Barbless hooks only)

Reward!! Reward!! Reward!! Reward!!

£50 Reward Given For Rouge Carp!!

Unfortunately there is a rouge carp in both Guinea and Copse Meadow Lakes. How it got there we don’t know but we want it out as soon as possible! It’s mating with our Crucian Carp and creating a hybrid we don’t want. They are between 7 to 10 lb.
So £50 goes to the anglers who are fortunate enough to catch either the Guinea Lake Carp or the Copse Meadow Lake Carp. Please call the office 01306 631573 or Chris on his mobile 07787 185858 if you catch them.

August 2012 Fishing Update

Fishing Update
We hope our update finds you all well, glad to see the weathers allowing a lot more of you to join us on the lakes.
Guinea Lake All lakes are fishing really really well. Young Alex Haigh and Jake Creasey did exceptionally well on Guinea, both landing around 71 fish consisting of Crucian, Bream and Tench. The boys and a large amount of our anglers are using just maggot on Guinea and getting great results.

7th July 2012 - Fishing Update

On the grounds that summer doesn’t seem like it’s coming I thought I’d give you all an update, because it will never happen if we wait for the summer!

So the farms exciting news is little baby George! Mel and Chris were blessed with a beautiful little boy, so when the weather brightens up I’m sure your all get to meet him as Mel walks around the lakes.

May 2012 - Fishing update

Well what bad weather we have all been having but when did that put off a true angler (hee hee) so we were please to see some of you braving the wet weather. Obviously the cold weather plays havoc with the Carp spawning, this tends to happen when the temperature reaches 21 degrees where as at the moment we are fluctuation between 7-10 degrees, so roll on the warmer weather!