It’s been a quiet time over the last few weeks with the harsh weather keeping many anglers at bay.

However, the pike season is flying ahead full speed with some great fish being hooked and the majority hitting double figures! Make sure you get your rods out and have a crack at catching these fantastic fish before the season ends on 14th March! The odd carp popping up here and there too!

Not many anglers have been attempting to fish Paddock lake which is a shame as when it is fished it never disappoints with just a couple of weeks ago a fantastic carp was caught at 20lb!

Snake Lake has been fishing well with plenty of silvers being caught and a few tench showing! This lake is proving popular since the dredging work last year!

Copes Meadow lake is still closed and will be until early 2017, a little more work is yet to be done so keep your eyes peeled!

Guinea Lake has been the quietest of all the lakes from anglers but the fullest of wildlife! All types of birds from swans to grebes have been living there!

Lodge lake has been fishing great with tench catching well and also some great orfe reaching up to 5lb! Many anglers are predominantly fishing for the orfe as they feed all year round and their patients certainly has paid off!

Some keen anglers have tackled Bean Lake and what a result they have been getting, some cracking fish have been banked with just last week 32lb and 23lb! Don’t forget to send in your pictures!!

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