• Fishing hours: 7am until half an hour before sunset. No entry outside these times
  • All vehicles must keep to hard standing always. No driving on the grass!
  • BBQ’s are not permitted on our fisheries
  • All litter MUST be taken off site and disposed of
  • Vehicles are left at the owner’s risk
  • Ground may be slippery and uneven, all visitors enter at their own risk
  • No Day tickets at Stammerham Farm – Dorking Angling members ONLY
  • If the lakes are frozen, you must NOT break the ice
  • Drugs are not tolerated. If found to be using, you will be told to leave
  • Please be cautious when near deep water.

Anybody found using a barbed hook, will be banned with immediate effect from all our lakes!

General Rules

  • Barbless Hooks Only – NO MICRO BARBS
  • Maximum Hook Size 8
  • No plastic or foam baits
  • Do not leave rods unattended at any time
  • Boilies - Up to 15mm in size with a maximum usage of 1kg per session
  • Pellets up to 15mm in size
  • No Braided Main Line. Braided hook lengths fine
  • PHOTOS – no standing up. You must kneel and think of the welfare of the fish
  • Under 16’s MUST have adult supervision
  • One Rod Only on Paddock, Guinea and Snake Lake.
  • Two Rods Allowed on Copse Meadow, Bean and Lodge Lake. Two rods allowed on Center Lake from 1st October to 16th March. Bailiffs discretion on Center throughout the summer.
  • ALL fish caught on Centre MUST be returned by landing net as pike and catfish bite!
  • You MUST have a 36” Minimum Landing Net
  • You MUST have an unhooking mat
  • NO Keep Nets
  • NO Sacking of any fish
  • Bait boats are only allowed on Specimen Lakes

Pike Fishing

  • 1st October to 16th March ONLY
  • Barbless Hooks Only – NO MICRO BARBS
  • Dead Baits ONLY
  • Single Hooks ONLY
  • Maximum Hook Size 4
  • Lures allowed but single hooks only
  • Two feet minimum wire trace length
  • The minimum length of forceps to be used is 12 inches
  • You MUST have a pair of gloves
  • You MUST have a drop back indicator when fishing for pike
  • Always fish with a minimum two-foot wire trace
  • You can fly fish for pike, but you must have a two-foot wire trace

Cat Fishing

  • You MUST have a 42” unhooking mat and a 42” minimum landing net
  • Silicone rig tubing must be used – 36” minimum
  • No lures allowed
  • Maximum hook size 8
  • You MUST have a pair of gloves

Match Rules

  • Season form October to March annually
  • We allow one match a month per lake for the welfare of the fish
  • Half or whole lake bookings only
  • Barbless Hooks Only – hook check to be carried out by the organiser
  • No method feeder
  • No floating baits
  • Fish over 5lb to be weighed and returned
  • 6 hours and over must have a halfway weigh in
  • No more than 35lb in each net


Bean lake, Lodge lake and Copse Meadow lake are all Specimen Lakes and NO matches or concession are allowed on these lakes.

1st rod - £10.00 per day or £8 for concessions (Over 65's, children under 14 and disabled)

2nd rod - £10.00 additionally per day


There is currently no closed season except for Pike fishing which is 1st October to 16th March Match season – October to March annually

Day Tickets

Day tickets are now available on a first come first served basis with no booking required and Maximum number of day tickets at one time:

Paddock - 8 day tickets
Centre - 20 day tickets
Copse Meadow - 7 day tickets
Snake - 20 day tickets
Guinea - 15 day tickets
Bean - 10 day tickets
Lodge - 8 day tickets

Anybody found using a barbed hook will be banned, with immediate effect, from all of our lakes.