Spring 2018

What a wet start to the year! The weather has certainly not been on the angler’s side although the brave few braving the weather have had a few good results. The weather is finally starting to feel like spring and the lakes are certainly changing with lots of movement!
Lodge Lake is fishing very well this spring, carp reaching 37lb 5oz have been hitting the banks, as well as 7lb 1 Golden Orfe!! We’ve seen some super Tench too! Unfortunately, we have found fish tethered to the lily hoops with barbed hooks. DO NOT fish too close to the hoops.

Autumn 2017

What a year it has been so far, we started off in the spring with a filming crew on Lodge Lake for the series “The big fish off” which will air in the spring of 2018. The catfish season has been great fun with the challenge being getting the fish on the bank, but with perseverance we have seen some beauties!

The Big Fish Off

Earlier this year, Lodge Lake was filmed for the new series of The Big Fish Off which will be aired in the Spring of 2018! Here is a picture of Tony Bellew and Ali Hamidi with a tench caught later that day!

Spring fishing latest 2017

As pike season comes to an end and they start to spawn, the catfish start to wake! The water has certainly taken a new lease of life with movement of fish! This pike season has been one of the most successful years, some great looking fish at some brilliant weights which has been really rewarding to see. We are looking forward to seeing them again next season!

Fishing latest Autumn/Winter 2016

Pike season is certainly in full swing with cracking double figure fish coming out consistently in Centre Lake. Carp and Bream are still feeding but they have quietened off a little in the last couple of weeks!

Anglers have been avoiding Paddock Lake which is a fatal error as the fish in this lake are still feeding and with the big carp cruising around it would be silly not to give this lake a few hours out of your day!

Breaking Fishing News!!!

As of 1st January 2017 we will be making a change to our rules on baits! In the new year we will allow Pellet and Hemp for a years trial and review at the end of the year to confirm if we will continue to allow these baits!

Please note this change does NOT start until January 2017 and there is no excuse to start using the baits now!


Any questions please feel free to ask!

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June 2016 Update

Guinea Lake is fishing extremely well, after a quiet winter this lake has certainly picked up. Great sized Tench and plenty of Crucians are being caught thick and fast. Anglers are starting to find this hidden gem and the lake is becoming a favourite for many!

April update 2016

The catfish in Centre Lake are starting to become more active and over the last week a couple of double figure cats have been caught. The Pike have now started to spawn with the odd one still taking the bait (naughty out of season pike)! Just this week an 18lb Carp came out too which was in great condition. The lake is buzzing with activity and it feels like spring is in the air!

Exciting News!

From the 1st May, Dorking Angling will be taking Stammerham's waters on! This will run along side our matches for 2016 and as of May 2017 Dorking Andling will have sole use!! We are excited to announce this news and would like to encourage any anglers still wanting to fish these lakes to contact S.C.Fuller for more info!

2016 Update

It’s been a quiet time over the last few weeks with the harsh weather keeping many anglers at bay.

However, the pike season is flying ahead full speed with some great fish being hooked and the majority hitting double figures! Make sure you get your rods out and have a crack at catching these fantastic fish before the season ends on 14th March! The odd carp popping up here and there too!

Not many anglers have been attempting to fish Paddock lake which is a shame as when it is fished it never disappoints with just a couple of weeks ago a fantastic carp was caught at 20lb!