Hi All,

We hope our update finds you all well! Delighted to see a little sunshine brining more of you to the lakes!

So what’s been happening? The awful weather has given us a slow start to the year, however, things are now picking up. Snake was fishing beautifully at the weekend, the warm weather heated things up nicely and the recent club match, were delighted with the results. All other lakes are fishing well, but a little more sun will improve things no end!

Paddock has fished exceptionally well given the colder weather, Rod Sturdy caught himself a 34lb ghost carp on some light float tackle, photos can be found in our gallery!

Bean has been very busy with our anglers, the new rules on the 2nd rod seem to have gone down a treat and working well.

Whilst talking about Bean, some of you may have seen or read an article in Anglers Mail, a certain young man was doing a piece on Bean lake, showing you the various methods he’s used, whilst the young man had our full support to video the article he most definitely did not have our blessing to use ‘Barbed Hooks or boilies’!

Our rules are extremely clear and we are very passionate about the reasoning behind our rules, needless to say the consequences of being caught with barbed hooks and rule breaking are also very clear!

Moving onto some exciting news! Lodge Lake opens this summer!!
It will be a specimen lake just like Bean, the rules and pricing will also be just like bean (£10 first rod, £18 for the two rods)

Day tickets will commence Monday 17th June 2013, maps and a full stocking list to follow very soon!

Finally a quick reminder about our open Charity Fishing Match 27th July 2013, this will be held on Centre Lake, we have 8 spaces remaining, so for any of you that would like to have the opportunity to join in the match, please give us a call in the office 01306 631573.

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