The catfish in Centre Lake are starting to become more active and over the last week a couple of double figure cats have been caught. The Pike have now started to spawn with the odd one still taking the bait (naughty out of season pike)! Just this week an 18lb Carp came out too which was in great condition. The lake is buzzing with activity and it feels like spring is in the air!

Socrates is out again! This fish never disappoints and weighing at 40lb 1oz we can understand why so many anglers are keen to catch her! This cracking fish was caught early evening on bread not far from the bank. Crucian and Tench are coming out thick and fast from Paddock Lake and proving good fun!

Since the opening of Snake Lake last year we have been impressed with how well it has been fishing. The flurry slowed slightly over the cold winter months but it is certainly coming back with a bang this spring! Roach and Bream are proving popular with the odd carp popping out here and there.

Guinea Lake has been quiet over the winter months with not many anglers attempting to fish, since the weather has warmed anglers are making their way down and enjoying a day on this brilliant lake. The fish have been reserved but are starting to feed well with some great Tench and Orfe popping out. We have seen the crucian carp moving but no sign on the bank as of yet! The water is still a fraction too cold and is the reason the fish have been laying low.

Lodge Lake is becoming more and more popular with anglers, since last year’s results more and more anglers are traveling from all over to fish this water. The Orfe have started to spawn but it hasn’t put them off of their food! A few great Orfe have been seen this year which has increased our excitement for what’s in store later this year! The heavy carp are feeding but proving difficult to catch! Taking the bait isn’t the problem but the fight to get them into the net!

Bean Lake, the challenges of all challenges! The fish have certainly become more active, cruising in the no fishing area (typical) but since this weather has warmed slightly they are venturing out and about a bit more. Just last week a 22lb Common was caught on corn, pictures are on our website gallery and Facebook.

Our rules are put in place for the welfare of our fish, please respect this! Please ensure all litter is taken home too! It is too often we are seeing rules broken which makes the enjoyment of our lakes decrease! We understand everyone opinions are different but these rules are what we are sticking to and expect anglers to abide by. Our rules can be found here if you need to freshen up

We look forward to seeing more of you on the bank and what fish are caught! Spring is here and fishing season is on!

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