Fishing Update
We hope our update finds you all well, glad to see the weathers allowing a lot more of you to join us on the lakes.
Guinea Lake All lakes are fishing really really well. Young Alex Haigh and Jake Creasey did exceptionally well on Guinea, both landing around 71 fish consisting of Crucian, Bream and Tench. The boys and a large amount of our anglers are using just maggot on Guinea and getting great results.
Centre Lake has seen a large amount of action from our Pike these last few week with numerous sizes being caught on some quite light line (unintentionally mind you) so it might be wise for anyone wanting to fish Centre Lake to make sure you have a pair of forceps!
Bean Lake - We wanted to comment on Bean Lake, our specimen lake. It is one of our most challenging lakes and for many it’s not an easy lake to fish. We have specifically designed and maintain it in order to keep it like that. There is a lot of weed due to the low volume of fish in there. We keep it like this to allow the weeds to create plenty of natural feeding for the fish giving them the chance to really grow to a much bigger size, this also helps with oxygen.
You will not catch on Bean if you do not put the effort in, it’s not a lake where you can turn up, pop your rod in and land a monster, you really need to make the effort with your bates, the stalking of the lake and paying attention to the fish and their behaviour that day. It is also important that your fishing in the open areas of Bean, if you are fishing where the weeds are you are likely to loose your catch and damage the fish through snagging.
Many of you like the challenge and when you get right you really do get the rewards. Mark from the Tackle Exchange caught an amazing amount of 6, fishing off the top. Again do please see our gallery to see the latest catches, Matt Davis had two beauties out just before the Aug Bank Holiday.
Pike Fishing – Chris has made his decision and we are no longer allowing treble hooks, you can have your two single hooks on the wire trace only.
Fishing rules - We are still banning a large amount of anglers who fail to abide by our rules and are fishing with barbed hooks, micro barbs are also banned. We do, do daily hook checks which has brought up the decision to ban all ‘Pinched’ barbs from 2013 onwards.
The pinched barbs we see are seeing could still damage the fish and are at times questionable as to if they’ve been pinched. So please ensure from 2013 that you no longer using pinched barbs as you will run the risk of being banned too.
Day Ticket Rules to remind you
• Barbless Hooks Only
• No Micro Barbs
• No Boilies

• No Hemp / Nuts
• No Pellets
• No Keep Nets
• 7 am until Dusk
• One Rod Only
• You MUST have an unhooking mat
• You MUST have a large landing net

Please do not forget there will be an increase to fishing matches from 2014 onwards.
Finally many thanks to those of you who do send in for your feedback and photos it’s always great to hear how you’re all getting on!

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