That time is nearly here, autumn is fast approaching which also means so is the Pike season! As of the 1st October Centre Lake will be teaming with anglers from all over to catch our impressive pike! The biggest pike caught last season was just touching 30lb! We are eager to find out how big they have grown over the summer, as we know they have been fulfilling their huge appetite! A reminder that all hooks MUST be barbless, we allow trebles on lures but again barbless only and both hooks on trace are singles and barbless! We advise the fish are released back in the lake by landing net, these mischievous pike like to take a nibble sometimes! Don’t forget your gloves when handling the pike we don’t want them to gain condition through eating human! The carp are feeding well off of the surface and coming out in the mid to late twenties! The catfish are lying low and have become quiet over the last couple of weeks, we think it’s the calm before the storm and it’s only a matter of time before they start catching again! A few nice bream have also been showing up.

Snake Lake is open after our recent renovations, we have reached between four and five feet of depth when the lake will be at it’s fullest! Our decision to dredge the lake slowly and gradually has had a great affect on the fish, within a short time the fish had gathered in the newly renovated area and started to feed well. Anglers are already getting the rod in the water and having a great days fishing, it has certainly pleased us to see the hard work paying off.

Socrates has been caught again! She is feeding brilliantly and is weighing a healthy 39lbs! This beautiful fish brings a bit of excitement to Paddock Lake and is proving this by the amount of keen anglers attempting to catch her! Some great Tench and Orfe popping out here and there too! The fish are feeding well and gaining some good condition!

Guinea Lake has been fishing great with plenty of Crucian carp and Tench coming out at good sizes. The rouge carp are still about and we are still offering a reward if caught! There are two that we know of, one weighing around 5lb and the other around 15ib! We have our regular anglers enjoying this picturesque lake often and are keen to catch these carp!

Some cracking sized carp have been caught in the last few weeks in Lodge Lake, we are extremely pleased with the progress of this lake and how well the fish are looking. Just last week two beautiful common carp were caught, one at 34lb and one at 26lb! The Orfe and Tench are also coming out at some really good sizes! The warm summer we have had has been great for the weed to grow but not so good for the anglers; it is providing a lot of food for the fish and proving a task to get the fish to feed on the bait! A reminder that any small openings in the weed are not a good place to fish, if you were to hook into a fish it would cause lots of tension on the line resulting in pulling hard on the hook in the fish’s mouth and causing damage!

Bean Lake has also been swamped with weed, causing this difficult lake to be even more tough to catch a fish. Once you have mastered the trick of getting the fish to feed in your swim you will be more than happy with 1 of the 230 fish we have in this lake! This lake provides no disappointment when catching one of the beautiful carp ranging from 10lb to 45lb! Due to the lake having this level of difficulty it provides anglers with a challenge and once attempted becomes hooked!

Clover, Canal and Jenny’s Lake have been fishing great with the matches so far this year! We are extremely happy with the match results which are on our website! Our prices will be changing regarding match fishing for 2016 so give the office a call to find out more and to book you 2016 and 2017 matches!

Unfortunately litter has been an issue, this is very disappointing as not only do we not want to pick up other peoples rubbish it ruins the wildlife and beautiful scenery. Picking up litter is not our favourite hobby to do as the same for you but if you do see litter lying around please don’t leave it or throw it in the hedge please take it with you and look after the lakes! If we do see any litter left by anglers it will result in a ban from fishing at any of our lakes!

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