What a year it has been so far, we started off in the spring with a filming crew on Lodge Lake for the series “The big fish off” which will air in the spring of 2018. The catfish season has been great fun with the challenge being getting the fish on the bank, but with perseverance we have seen some beauties! The carp from Centre Lake have been feeding well and putting up an exciting fight but proving to be worth it with the majority hitting the mid to high twenties! We have just started the pike season which has anglers traveling far and wide to catch a PB! We have found a few nasty barbed and over-sized hooks, please be aware you will be banned immediately if you are found using these or any other banned tackle! Surprisingly no one has caught Socrates this year, she has been seen but not on the bank! The summer was a cracking time to fish this lake, surface fishing became popular with the fish all close to the surface. After the opening of Copse Meadow, anglers who had been waiting patiently all came flocking and with some great results. It was great to see how the fish were feeding and all looking in mint condition. Snake Lake as ever has been buzzing! Our highly recommended lake for an easy-going, fun day and it has certainly confirmed it, with lots of fish being caught over the year and still fishing strong! The orfe in Lodge Lake are as impressive as ever! Still holding the great weights and looking in immaculate condition. The tench have been wary and not showing as much as we would have thought but still appearing here and there and looking well. We have seen some striking carp from this lake this year and has made anglers days with doubling their PBs! Since January we have allowed pellet as a bait at our fisheries and this has shown to be popular! The fish in our waters are fed pellet so they associate this to be a “safe” bait so catching carp in Bean Lake was not quite the task it usually is, although, this is Bean Lake and it still wasn’t an easy catch! The fish throughout the lakes are becoming wise to pellet so the novelty is certainly wearing off! We have had some fantastic match results from Guinea lake, with winning weights reaching 95lb! we have been slowly filtering the F1’s from the lake this year and will continue to do so! From January 2018 we will be increasing our prices on our concessions and match tickets. We offer concession to anyone over the age of 65, under the age of 14 and disabled (blue badge holder), this price is £5 although from January this will be increasing to £7 per person. Please note, documentation of proof is needed to qualify for concessions. The match prices will be increasing from £8 per swim to £10 per swim with only half or whole lakes booked at one time. Our day tickets will continue at £10 per person and prices for two rods (on selected lakes only) will also remain the same.
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