On the 4th of August Pat Hill organised her annual childrens fishing match at Stammerham Farm, all three lakes were used and the ages of the children varied from four years to 18 years, and just to make the day even more special Bob Nudd was there to give fishing tips and tropheys to all the winners.

The over all winner was George Hunt in the 11-13 age group, his winning weight was 65lb 2oz and no suprise that he fished Jenny lake, his picture with Bob Nudd is on our website under Jenny lake gallery. The following are the winners of each group.

4-10 age group

1st Kimberley Deacon = 53lb 14oz
2nd Harrison Deacon = 45lb 15oz
3rd Tom Clarke = 30lb 9oz
4th Bill Kirk = 12lb 12oz

11-13 age group

1st George Hunt = 65lb 2oz
2nd Alice Egglestone = 45lb 1oz
3rd Anthony Dunkley = 32lb 1oz
4th Elliott Godwin = 14lb 9oz

14-18 age group

1st Tom Barnard = 25lb 2oz
2nd Jack Deacon = 23lb 15oz
3rd Luke Parsons = 23lb 11oz
4th Ethan Parr = 23lb 8oz

Unfortunately the weather was atrocious, but 56 children weighed in at the end of the match. If you would like to get involved and get your child fishing for next years match please contact Pat Hill on
01293 871198

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