Our lakes will be open from Monday 18th May.

Please read the below terms to ensure safe practice is carried out with our new system.

Gates open at 7am. It is a first come first served basis. Please see below for maximum day tickets per lake. YOU MUST have the correct money for payment. We have a system in place which will require you to drop the money into a container on the side of the bailiffs vehicle. No change can be given. Bailiffs will keep their window closed whilst they collect the money. This may seem strange and unsocial but please know this is for the angler and bailiff’s safety.

Please ensure you are aware of the price for your ticket (please see below the pricing).

Our lakes close as dusk. You should be off premise half hour after sunset.

Please ensure all our current rules are kept to. If you are unsure what our rules are, please visit our website. Our bailiffs will be continuing to monitor the lakes and anglers closely.

We highly recommend all anglers use sanitiser regularly. All anglers must keep a social distance at all times.

Maximum day tickets per lake:
Center lake - 20
Paddock lake - 8
Snake lake - 20
Copes meadow - 7
Bean lake - 10
Guinea lake - 15
Lodge lake - 8

£10 one rod on all lakes. £7 for over 65, under 14 and blue badge holders (proof will need to be held up to the window as proof). Please note, concessions are not applicable to specimen lakes.
£18 for two rods - two rods only allowed on specimen lakes.

Do not drive off of the hard standing, keep to car parks and all litter must be taken home with you.

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