Pike season is certainly in full swing with cracking double figure fish coming out consistently in Centre Lake. Carp and Bream are still feeding but they have quietened off a little in the last couple of weeks! Anglers have been avoiding Paddock Lake which is a fatal error as the fish in this lake are still feeding and with the big carp cruising around it would be silly not to give this lake a few hours out of your day! If you are looking to fish and want a guaranteed catching session, then Snake Lake is the place to go! The fish have slowed down but they are still feeding well for winter and anglers are catching all day long! Copse Meadow is looking great, the work has gone better than expected and the wait will soon be over! The lake will be opening on the ……………………………………………1ST MAY 2017!! A cracking 39lb12oz Mirror was caught on Bean a couple of weeks ago, which proves the beasts are still active. As usual this skilful lake has pushed anglers to the limits but what a reward when you catch a beauty like that! Photos on our Facebook and website. Golden Orfe and Tench are feeding in the deeper water and the carp have slowed up in Lodge Lake. The fish caught are looking in great condition and gaining weight which is hopeful for the large Orfe currently around the 6lb1oz mark! As usual the cold has affected Guinea lake, this lake suffers in the winter and the fish have significantly slowed up although the odd fish or two are popping out here and there. Choosing a swim tactfully pays off, if the fish aren’t playing ball then a move of swim could be beneficial!
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