There will be a new change of rules for BEAN LAKE ONLY! Boys and girls you will be pleased to hear that from 1st OCTOBER 2012 we have agreed to allow two rods on Bean Lake only. Your normal day ticket of £10 will apply with an extra £8 for the second rod. So that’s a total of £18 for two rod fishing.

There is also a change to our Pike Fishing Rules. You are no longer allowed to use treble hooks. From the 1st of October you are to use two single hooks on a trace only (Barbless hooks only)

And now a little moan, we’ve been hedge cutting on the lakes recently and we were really disappointed to see how much rubbish some of you poke into the bushes in an event to not have to take it with you. Would you please be reminded that all rubbish needs to be taken away at all times.
Many thanks

The Newdigate Farms Team

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