The water is starting to warm and the fish are feeding, it’s a perfect time to get the rods out and enjoy the sunshine!

Centre Lake is heaving with activity, the cats are moving about but playing hard to get by getting hooked but proving difficult to bring them to the bank! A few beautiful carp have appeared in the range of 10lbs to 25lbs in the last week too! The pike are keeping their appetite fulfilled and growing to a good healthy size, getting ready for their season in October!

There seems to be a lot of interest from most of you keen anglers on Paddock Lake, the fish are feeding close to the bank and catching well. The biggest carp pulled out last week was 18lbs! With many of you aiming to catch the monster fish we have in this lake it is proving to be a very popular lake to fish!

Lodge Lake is fishing really well, the Golden Orfe are reaching a great size with one coming out at just under 8lbs! With the record size in the country being 9lbs we soon will be catching up and holding a record sized fish in our lake! Already we have anglers from all over the south travelling to catch this beautiful fish, who can guess the weight it will be once it’s caught this time? The warm weather caused the Orfe to spawn early (3 weeks ago) and the Heron took full advantage of the fish being in the shallow parts of the lake, a few fish have been damaged a little. If any of you read the ‘Angler’s Mail’ you may have noticed an article about Lodge Lake from the end of May’s issue. Due to the popularity of the Orfe we were thinking of producing an Orfe only lake, please tell us your thoughts!

The Tench in Guinea Lake just keep coming! We are still pleased to see the average size is at a high standard, and the fish are feeding well. A few Crucian Carp are popping out here and there but not as often as hoped. We have had a couple of matches over the last few weeks with great winning weights, weighing in at around the 45lb mark.

Bean Lake, the talk of all lakes, as mentioned before due to the lake having so much natural food for the fish it proves difficult to catch! A 20lb Carp was caught last week from an angler who used time and patients to lure the fish in. This lake is a hard lake to fish but a great challenge! Another Angler pulled out a beautiful mirror at a great size of 26lbs!

Snake Lake and Copse Meadow Lake will be closed for maintenance work in about a month’s time so come down quick and get a day’s fishing before it’s too late!

As most of you anglers know we offer discount rates to over 65’s, under 14’s and the disabled on our non specimen lakes, very shortly we will be requesting a proof of this if you wish to receive the discount for the above reasons.

We are eager for you to send in your photos of your catch of the day, please email us on:

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