A happy new year to all our fishing men and women, now you can all get out of the house and back to your rods catching some great specimens. All lakes are open (except if they freeze over) and we have been having some great catches over the Christmas period.
Joe Waldron caught an 18lb Pike on Centre fishing a large Roach deadbait, float fished 20 yards to the island and took 5 minutes to get in the net. To top that Steve Wyndham Lewis caught a wonderful 20lb 3oz Pike on legered mackerel on peg 13 at the end of December. Centre lake seems to be doing well, although fishing with deadbait can have an odd turn around as Colin found out when he caught a 10lb, 15lb and 20lb Carp on dead sprats, and a few other chaps have experienced this as well.

Bean lake too has been doing well, six Carp 20lb and over were caught at the end of December and our most famous fishermen John caught Socrates on Paddock lake weighing in at 39lb; all photos of catches are on our website, take a look.
Last but by no means least, I have to address the barbed hook issue, a couple of guys were banned from Center lake for using barbed hooks, now that includes using semi barbs especially making sure that the hook that keeps the deadbait on is also barbless. Please ensure that you abide by these rules as barbed hooks will not be tolerated and you will be banned.

When visiting the lakes please also ensure that you park only on the designated parking areas, ie on hard standing only. Please don't park on the grass and as the ground is so wet you can not drive to the pegs so please be aware of this.

Our prices still remain the same; that's £5.00 per peg for all the lakes except Bean lake which is £10.00. It's worth calling first as sometimes the lakes are closed and you may waste a visit. We are now fully booked for matches during 2012 and although sometimes clubs may cancel we are really busy. Please don't forget to take all rubbish home, and most of all happy fishing and happy new year.

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