Guinea Lake is fishing extremely well, after a quiet winter this lake has certainly picked up. Great sized Tench and plenty of Crucians are being caught thick and fast. Anglers are starting to find this hidden gem and the lake is becoming a favourite for many!

Lodge is getting popular with a mixed range of anglers, with the cracking Golden Orfe it’s no surprise anglers are keen to catch these beautiful fish, just last week a fantastic 6lb 1oz Orfe was caught! The spawning of the carp has slowed them down a little but they are still popping out! Don’t forget, two rods are allowed on this lake so why not double your chances!

The carp are drawn to the safety of the no fishing area in Bean Lake, these fish are extremely aware of their surroundings and a light foot when walking around the lake pays off! They are cautiously feeding off the top and on the bottom, using pop up baits seem popular to get the fishes attention (please note, boilies are NOT allowed on our fishery and this includes fake boilies!) but pre baiting and learning their movements is the key!

Paddock Lake is fizzing with life, Socrates has been caught and is looking in mint condition! Some great carp in the mid-twenties have been showing and some huge crucians too! Recently Paddock held a match with a brilliant winning weight of 45lbs!!

The pike are still feeding and causing a little bit of an issue, a few double figured carp have been caught, some brilliant sized bream and a few great looking catfish! The catfish aren’t feeding quite as much as last year but there is still plenty time left this summer for them to pick up!

A real mixture of fish caught on Snake Lake, with the most popular technique being floating bread, some great Tench have been pulled out over the last few weeks with some brilliant carp too! This lake is good fun and is great to teach children on as it rarely has a quiet period and has such a mixed bag of fish! Meat on the float is also a popular bait to use, close in to the bank.

Unfortunately, due to the weather we have struggled to start any work on the Copse Meadow, we are still aiming to get the work completed and reopen the lake in the spring of 2017.

As many of you know Dorking Angling have a recent arrangement on our waters at Stammerham, we are still running matches alongside this year but as of next year, Dorking Angling will be taking sole use of the fishery. If you are looking to fish these waters in the future, please contact Dorking Angling to become a member and gain access to these lakes as well as many others!

Don’t forget - Barbless hooks ONLY!

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