Well what bad weather we have all been having but when did that put off a true angler (hee hee) so we were please to see some of you braving the wet weather. Obviously the cold weather plays havoc with the Carp spawning, this tends to happen when the temperature reaches 21 degrees where as at the moment we are fluctuation between 7-10 degrees, so roll on the warmer weather!

Talking of spawning, Mel whom some of you know is about to have her own little fish, so we will keep you updated on how that goes, she’s going to be replaced by Chris on the Bailiff side of things and Jo who’s just joined us will be in the office. Jo’s waiting to hear how your all getting on and for those of you who are happy to share your techniques and what baits working for you she’s keen to know that too!

So what’s happening out on the lakes?

Copse Meadow Lake, our Tench specimen lake is fishing brilliantly with the fishermen catching between 6-10 fish daily going from 3lbs to 7lbs in weight, they are also of immaculate condition, so all those that have fished there in the last couple of months have been really pleased.

Bean Lake was fished recently by Trevor Neale, Trevor fished for 5 days in a row and on day 3 he caught 9 beauties from 20lbs to 38lbs.

Lodge lake would you believe is still not quite ready to be fished, despite all the rain we’ve had recently. This is because of the extremely dry winter we had. However, we hope to have this ready for 2013 and it’s going to be a specimen lake.

Our Pike fishing season starts in October, Chris is thinking of going down to single hooks rather than the treble hooks, and this is for the benefit of the fish. We will let you know what he decides.

We would like to remind you of our No Barbed hooks rule, Chris will stop you fishing which will ruin your day if you’ve come with friends, no fun just sitting there! This really is in the best interest of the fish.

Finally a question that came into the office that we thought it might help to share with you was ‘what lakes are good for children as a starting lake’ the answer is Guinea and Snake Lake, both are excellent for children and beginners due to the excellent stocking of the lake.

That’s all for now, we wish you all an excellent summers fishing!

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