Make the most of the mild weather before the winter sets in.

All lakes are fishing well, with big cats coming out of Centre Lake up into the late thirties.
On Lodge Lake a 37lb Mirror Carp came out recently which was a surprise. This lake has also recently been on a Sky Sports program.
Bean Lake is still proving to be popular but is one of the hardest lakes; everyone asks what are the best baits or how to fish it! The truth of it is, the hardest thing is to get the fish feeding in your swim even without a line in the water. There is so much natural food in the lake it has to be rather good for them to browse with the allowed baits!
The average size of Tench in Guinea Lake has gone up which is pleasing.
Paddock Lake has been producing BIG Carp tight under your feet, the banks are undercut so it is a safe haven for the fish. The tighter you can fish to the bank the better - as long as you are quiet.
Copse Lake is one of my favourite; if you get it right you can see the big golden green, bright red eyed Tench on the bank. It is so rewarding as they are one of the hardest fighting fish pound for pound. By putting in some free offerings or ground bait, you can tell when they are in your swim as you will see a lot of little bubbles. Disappointingly someone has emptied the contents of their garden pond into Copse thinking it's a good idea and having sexed every Tench that has been put in there it has caused disruption. The Tench are now breeding Goldfish/Crucion crosses appearing.
This matter is being ADDRESSED!

Happy Autumn fishing.

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