What a wet start to the year! The weather has certainly not been on the angler’s side although the brave few braving the weather have had a few good results. The weather is finally starting to feel like spring and the lakes are certainly changing with lots of movement! Lodge Lake is fishing very well this spring, carp reaching 37lb 5oz have been hitting the banks, as well as 7lb 1 Golden Orfe!! We’ve seen some super Tench too! Unfortunately, we have found fish tethered to the lily hoops with barbed hooks. DO NOT fish too close to the hoops. A good example of the anglers braving the weather have been on Bean Lake. We have seen some cracking fish hit the banks, touching mid 30s! The boilie list has shown popular on Bean Lake, but this high skilled lake is still proving a challenge to most anglers. Centre lake has been busy over the winter months with the two-rod rule over the pike season. We’ve seen some lovely Carp all 12lb upward, Bream up to 4lb, and a good range of Roach. It is generally fishing very well although no sign of the Cats yet, but we are expecting to see them any day! Paddock lake has been fishing considerably well, with some fantastic Common and Crucians popping out! Socrates was caught just last month! Fishing well producing a mixed bag is Snake Lake, the work in which have completed over the last couple of years has made a difference to this lake. We are looking forward to seeing how the lake performs this year in the height of the season! The Tench in Copse and Guinea Lake are just starting to wake up. The movement in the lakes has improved dramatically since the warmer weather. We have some keen anglers wanting to give these lakes a go and I expect that will be this weekend onwards!
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