As pike season comes to an end and they start to spawn, the catfish start to wake! The water has certainly taken a new lease of life with movement of fish! This pike season has been one of the most successful years, some great looking fish at some brilliant weights which has been really rewarding to see. We are looking forward to seeing them again next season! Since the weather has improved we have seen some beautiful fish out of Centre Lake, the carp look in great condition and the same can be said for the Bream! No sign of any catfish on the bank but they are teasing anglers with a few bites here and there! Still no sign of the monster, could this be the year she shows herself? Snake lake is always the first lake the fish start to feed, a few weeks ago, carp were feeding off the top which amazed us all! Since then the weather has only got warmer and the activity has only increased (believe it or not!). Bread and dog biscuit off the top is proving to be unstoppable on this lake! If it’s anything like the booking number’s we’ve taken for this lake, Copse Meadow is going to be a busy lake this year! It has been truly missed by many anglers and they are keen to get back to fishing this new and improved tench lake! Guinea as we know is the hardest lake to fish through the winter months, but since this beautiful spring weather has arrived tench and orfe have been showing. Crucians have been coming out on maggot and corn, and the tench are also showing preference to these baits. Our record orfe in Lodge are becoming famous, with anglers traveling from afar to try and catch a beast! The orfe feed all year round so the anglers have been busy! The carp are hesitant to feed and favouring the deeper water, providing this sun shine stays a little longer it will be no time at all until they are cruising in the shallows. Bean lake is fishing incredibly well, six brilliant fish out last week all ranging up to 30lb! Pop up baits seems to be the way forward on this lake! Pellet is proving popular since the change in rules at the beginning of the year! We have a new booking system,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the new system is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no bookings needed! Please check our online calendar on our website before making your way to the lake as it is now a first come first serve basis! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. We have noticed a considerable increase in certain anglers smoking illegal substances, please DO NOT bring this to our fisheries! Anyone suspected of possession of any illegal substances will be BANNED IMMIDIATLEY! We are looking forward to the months ahead and look forward to seeing you on the bank soon!
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