Despite the extremely hot weather this July, our lakes have still been super busy! Centre has been fishing well for Carp and Catfish, up to 40lb. Robin red pellets catching both species with floaters taking both off the top. On Paddock lake we've seen mainly Crucians and Tench, with the occasional Orfe. Lunchoen meat has been the best for catching Tench wherease bread corn and maggots have been working well for Crucians. Snake has been fishing well all round with better Carp coming off the top to dog biscuit. All baits have been catching off the bottom. On Copse Meadow there have been good bags when the conditions are right. All normal Tench baits are working. Bean Lake has been fishing exceptionally well with pop up imitation sweetcorn working well, due to the warm weather increasing the growth of the weed. The best time to fish Bean is in the early evenings and people are catching 1 to 4 fish in an evening. Over the last couple of years, the Golden Orfe in Guinea Lake have spawned incredibly well resulting in some great catches. Please see our website for the latest match results. Lodge Lake has produced fish up to 39lbs. Some beautiful Tench have come out, around 10lb. Pellets have been the best bait on Lodge this summer so far! Reminders: Bit boats are only allowed on Specimen Lakes (Copse Meadow, Bean and Lodge) Unless you hold a blue badge, please do not drive on the grass. Please keep your unhooking mats wet during these summer months!
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