So great to see everyone taking full advantage of the wonderful weather we've all been having, the woods have become a carpet of blue and the birds are nesting, our swans on Bean Lake have a clutch of eggs and a few ducklings have been seen around the margins. Near on every day each lake has been fished and some super catches have been coming out.

We have a few regulars that fish Guinea, and they have enjoyed some excellent fishing, large Tench and beautiful Golden Orfe of which are now becoming quite a size, maggott seems to be the favourite bait, but just sitting on the bank watching the wild life and taking in the exceptional weather makes life feel very good indeed. Horsham A/C had a match on Guinea on April the 17th winning weight was 44lb 5oz , not a bad result at all.

Just behind Guinea is the site of our new lake which is to be called Lodge Lake. We have to wait for some rain before its ready to fish, and that does'nt look like that will happen for a while. But we have begun to landscape it with a few willows, lilly's and Iris's, its quite increadable the amount of insect life and frogs that have already started to inhabit the lake. Of course fish are the main objective here, but Chris still has to make up his mind as to what is going in it.

A few weeks ago the Pike were spawning on Centre quite a spectacle and there were some great specimens crashing around the margins, they seem to be total oblivious to anything or anyone. We did have a few out in the Pike season but unfortunately we have yet to see a Cat fish, let us know if you catch one. The Carp will begin to spawn soon especially if the weather remains this warm, the lakes are around 16 degrees at the moment and needs to reach around 21 or 22 degrees for the Carp to get started.

Had some fabulous fish out of Bean, John one of our regulars caught a lovely 33lb mirror a week ago, the pictures are on the website, and Mark Eaels could'nt go wrong on Copse Meadow the other week catching near on twenty Tench in a morning around 3 to 4lb size. So get out there and lets see what you can do, its very unusual not to catch on our lakes but if you have a bad day fishing its still a good day out and thats what fishing is all about.

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