This month on the farm it was noticed that the main islands on the lakes needed some urgent attention in removing any tackle caught up on trees and bushes as it can cause many sad and slow deaths with wildfowl, we do this approximately 3 times a year.
So it was down to myself and Shane to row out ( not very well at first) and do the job. Although we all know that a bad cast can land you up in knots, but some of the finds we came acrossed were rather bizarre to say the least. We had all manner of home made floats and dodgy tackle, but what we came across more so was the large number of barbed hooks and some PVA bags with boilies in.

Since our website has been up and running there surely is no excuse from any fishermen that they dont know our fishing rules, yet time and time again we come up against certain individuals who decided that they can beat the system, but they are conning us, other fishermen in matches and day tickets too.

We can spot many of these chaps a mile off ( like naughty school boys trying to hide something from teacher), we often see the second rod being realed in at frantic speed, bags being covered up and even leaving before we collect the daily charge, which is extremely cheep anyway. On top of this we have rubbish left and worst of all discarded line stuffed in bushes or simply tossed to one side with no thought to what may happen to it, which shows no intellect at all.
Of course we become wise to many but the odd few contuine to get away with it, and so unfortunatly we end up treating all fishermen with suspicion, even though ninty nine per cent of you guys are one hundered per cent genuine and respect the rules and the well being of the fish itself,as all we are trying to do is keep the fish in tip top condition for you all to catch.

In conclusion to this the only way to eliminate these people is to step up our hook checks and bad rigs, and to ask all of you to be extra vigilant, and letting us know if you see anything slighty untoward. And so I'll end this news by thanking all the decent anglers we have, who look after our fish and enjoy a days honest fishing as its a pleasure to have you all, keep sending us your pictures as we have some great catches this year and the Pike season is soon to start.

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