Match 1st March

All tench caught and a couple of bream.

Joe 7-3
Norman 3-14 oz
Jason 2-13
Paul DNW
Wayne 1-2
Grandad 2-12
Tony DNW
Bozzy 3-3
Louie DNW

August match on Guinea Lake

1st = Pete Taylor - 64lb 12oz
2nd = Pete Growns - 52lb 12oz
3rd = Ian Farmer - 51lb

Guinea match results June 2019

1st - Iain 70lb 5oz
2nd - Jim 57lb 4oz
3rd - John 45lb 8oz
4th - Dave / Martin 36lb 0oz

Match results 26/05/19

1st - Simon Copus with the weight of - 50 lb 10 oz
2nd - Dave Taylor Snr with the weight of - 49 lb 8 oz
3rd - Pete Taylor with the weight of - 49 lb 0 oz
4th - Reg Pearce / Steve moune with the weight of - 36 lb 8 oz

Match Results on Guinea Lake - 17th March 2019

1st. S Harding - 35.8lb
2nd. S Scott - 33.8lb
3rd. S Parker - 23.8lb

Great results!

Match Results on Guinea Lake - June 2017

Outstanding results for the match over the weekend on Guinea lake.
1st - Peter - 95lb 15oz
2nd - Ian - 64lb 2oz
3rd - Charlie - 57lb 5oz

Well done chaps! Guinea lake is at its prime!

Guinea Lake match results 2nd July 2016

Three Kind Angling Club had a good match with these weights:

1st Brian 45lb 4oz

2nd Mick 29lb 11oz

3rd Steve 21lb 5oz

Guinea Lake held a match at the weekend and the results were impressive!

1st - Charlie - 47lb 1oz

2nd - Jim - 38lb 7oz

3rd - Ron - 27lb 3oz

Well done chaps!

Match results for Wiremill Angling Club fishing Guinea Lake

1st Trevor Elsey 40lb 14oz
2nd Steve Parker 37lb
3rd Shaun Walsh 26lb 12oz
4th Michael Bell 23lb 12oz
5th Phil Waddington 9lb 10oz

West Ewell April 2015

1st Ray Smee 45lb 12oz
2nd Pip Knight 25lb 8oz
3rd Tony Lockyer 23lb
4th Brian South 17lb 10oz
5th Neil Tovell 13lb 4oz
6th John Poulton 12lb 4oz
7th Jim Heaseman 9lb 8oz


Anybody found using a barbed hook will be banned, with immediate effect, from all of our lakes.