West Ewell A/C Juniors 11th July 2010

1st Conor Wilkinson 20lb 7oz 2nd Polly Winter 16lb 4oz 3rd Josh Carslake 15lb 4th Jack Lockyer 11lb 9oz 5th Katie Lockyer 9lb9oz

West Ewell Childrens match July 10th 2010

1st 20lb 7oz 2nd 15lb 3rd 11lb 15oz

West Ewell Junior Angling Club 6th September 09

1st Freddie with 17lb 6oz 2nd Josh with 16lb 8oz = 6yrs 3rd Polly with 10lb 12oz = 11yrs 4th Jack with 8lb = 13yrs 5th conner with 7lb 8oz = 11yrs 6th meggan with 6lb 8oz = 5yrs Well done again everyone great fishing!

West Ewell Junior Angling Club 26th July 09

1st Katie Peg 12 with 28lb 2nd Mick Peg 9 with 26lb 3rd Georgia e Peg 11 with 23lb 4th Jack Peg 1 with 21lb 08oz Well done to all especially Katie you should all try our Bob Nudd day next year !

Ewell juniors A/C 26th july 09

1st Katie with 28lb 2nd Nick with 26lb 3rd Georgia with 23lb 4th Jack with 21lb 8oz Well done Katie !

Match Result - 28th June Mike Fox

1st Peter peg 9 with 47lb 12oz on corn & maggot 2nd Derek peg 11 with 33lb 3rd Stan peg 8 with 31lb 8oz 4th Fred peg 6 with 25lb 5th Ross peg 10 with 22lb 6th Mike peg 7 with 20lb


Anybody found using a barbed hook will be banned, with immediate effect, from all of our lakes.