Paddock Lake 2017

We had a match on Paddock Lake at the weekend which had great weights:
1st Place 62lb 15oz
2nd Place 36lb 4oz
3rd Place 33lb

Paddock Lake Match Results 2015

1st Dean Liffen 35lb 5oz
2nd Tony Flowers 20lb 14oz
3rd Barry Liffen 16lb

July 2015

1st - D Blackmore peg 9 39lb 3oz
2nd - H Whiting peg 4 31lb 3oz
3rd - B Oxley peg 12 27lb 4oz

Mostly small carp with the odd tench and orf popping up!

Well done guys, great results!

West Ewell Angling Club May 2014

1st Peter Taylor 19lb 4oz
2nd Ray Smee 18lb 12oz
3rd Tony Lockyer 11lb 12oz
4th Jim Heaseman 10lb 10oz

West Ewell Angling Club - Juniors

1st - Josh Carslake - 22.10lbs
2nd - Connor Carslake - 16.04lbs
3rd - Callum Squivener - 16.03lbs
4th - Megan Mathias - 13.00lbs
5th - Eve Winter - 12.08lbs
6th - Brook Baker - 6.11lbs
8th - Darren Watkins - 3.03lbs

Kingston Fishing Club 7th August 2011

1st M. Fox Peg 4 with 48lb 8oz

2nd Gary Peg 3 with 41lb 2oz

3rd Chris Peg 1 with 35lb

4th K. Compton Peg 12 with 33lb

5th J.Lats Peg 6 with 25lb 2oz

6th L. Goddard Peg 9 with 13lb

7th Dick Peg 10 with 10lb

CLPS 15th May 2011

1st K Dellard Peg 3 with 28lb 4oz

2nd D Little Peg 12 with 20lb 12oz

3rd B Whiting Peg 8 with 17lb 4oz

4th C Gibson Peg 9 with 16lb 4oz

5th P Parker Peg 2 with 16lb 2oz

6th A wale Peg 11 with 13lb 2oz

7th H Sedar Peg 4 with 11lb

Mole Anglers 25th April 2011

1st S Kendall peg 5 with 46lb

2nd M Newland peg 8 with 27lb 13oz

3rd A Sparrow peg 1 with 27lb 7oz

4th M Smithead peg 10 with 26lb 15oz

5th F Ravening peg 5 with 20lb

6th Lesgin peg 11 with 13lb 8oz

7th S Salmon peg 1 with 11lb 14oz

Shamley Green 22nd August 2010

1st A Wadey peg 10 with 29lb 14oz Caught on pole/maggot

2nd T Johnstone peg 2 with 22lb 6oz " pole/corn

3rd D Wadey peg 6 with 17lb 8oz

4th J Kasey peg 4 with 16lb 8oz

5th L Denman peg 12 with 14lb 7oz

West Ewell A/C Juniors 8th Aug 2010

1st Freddy Winter with 22lb 12oz

2nd Polly Winter with 20lb 4oz

3rd Josh Carslake with 18lb 10oz

4th Megan Mathias with 8lb

5th Darren Watkins with 7lb 2oz


Anybody found using a barbed hook will be banned, with immediate effect, from all of our lakes.