Snake Lake Match Results! October 2015

1st Dean Liffen 69lb 7oz,
2nd Steve Rose 49lb14oz
3rd Tony Flowers 45lb 6oz

Match Results Snake Lake! September 2015

Name Peg Weight

1st Tony 2 45lb
2nd Reg 10 38lb
3rd Peter 9 31lb8oz
4th Peter 1 25lb
5th Frank 6 22lb8oz

Peter Hill Memorial Match 2014

1st Dave Cass 73lb ( Senior trophy)
2nd Fred Allingham 53lb
3rd Jasmine Cooper 36lb 8oz ( Junior trophy)
4th Doug Botting 33lb
5th Adie Southwood 30lb
6th Oliver pasters 25lb

Black prince fishing club

1st Phil Worrell peg 20 53lb 4oz
2nd Simon Brewer peg 14 41lb 4oz
3rd Dean Stilwell peg 4 34lb 4oz
4th Ian Steer peg 30 25lb 14oz
5th James Fleming peg 1 20lb 8oz
6th Chris Adams peg 6 16lb 14oz
7th Steve Ward peg 18 15lb 8oz
=8th Gavin Thomson peg 23 10lb
=8th Dave Hill peg 26 10lb
10 Margaret Stilwel peg 11 9lb 2oz
11 Ian Mullett peg 16 8lb
Guest - Dean Ameveld peg 28 68lb 8oz
Guest -MO Defreitas peg 10 2lb 8oz

Pat Hill July 2014

1st Luke Parsons 54lb 5oz
2nd Ian Pulling 28lb10oz
3rd Doug Botting 26lb12oz
4th Ron Jellis 21lb8oz

West Ewell June 2014

1st Peter Carroll 67lb 8oz peg 14
2nd John Poulton 46lb Peg 3
3rd Frank Briscoe 31lb 12oz peg 18
4th Neil Tovell 27lb peg 16
5th Tony Lockyer 26lb 8oz peg 1

C.E.S.A.S June 2014

1st Alan Ringwood 40lb 12oz peg 26
2nd Bob Smith 35lb 4oz peg 10
3rd Dave Norris 31lb 2oz peg 4
4th Andy Parker 29lb 4ozg 12
5th Dave Martin 28lb 12oz peg 16
6th Bob Neal 17lb 8oz peg 19
7th Geoff Bailey 16lb peg 1

West Ewell Sept 2013

1st Jim Easman 48lb02oz

2nd Frank Briscoe 32lb06oz

3rd Reg Pearce 23lb02oz

4th Mr Tovell 21lb12oz

Pat Hill June 2013

1st Adam Tester 50lbs 7oz

2nd Mark Tester 47lbs 6oz

3rd Freddie Bacon 28lbs 2oz

4th Luke Parsons 17lbs

5th Ron Ellis 16lbs 6oz

Mole Anglers June 2013

1st M Newland 75lbs

2nd T Fisher 40lbs

3rd P KNights 31lbs 6oz

4th D Smith 31lbs 4oz

5th S Salmon 25lbs 12oz


Anybody found using a barbed hook will be banned, with immediate effect, from all of our lakes.