Rhodrons June 6th 2010

1st = J.Luke Peg 26 With 41lb 1oz

2nd = C.Tees Peg 23 With 25lb 5 oz

3rd = T Robini Peg 25 With 24 lb 1oz

Cobham A/C April 25th 2010

1st Paul Peg 3 With 23lb 10oz

1st Keith Peg 8 With 23lb 10oz

2nd Alan Peg19 With 20lb 5oz

3rd Mick Peg22 With 15lb 4oz

4th Steve Peg 5 With 13lb 3oz

Cefas A/C Sunday 6th December 2009

1st Joe Peg 20 with 28lb 8oz

2nd Dave Peg 9 with 28lb 2oz

3rd Calum Peg 2 with 16lb 8oz

4th Gary Peg 11 with 11lb 6oz

5th Bob Peg 19 with 8lb 12oz

Woking A/C November 29th 2009

1st Peg 21 with 44lb

2nd Peg 1 with 35lb

3rd Peg 27 with 17lb

Ockley A/C Sunday November 22nd

1st peg 1 with 26lb 14oz

2nd peg 9 with 26lb 13oz

3rd peg 11 with 20lb 7oz

Epsom A.S 18TH October 2009

1st J Foster Peg 2 with 17lb

2nd L Kendrick Peg 17 with 13lb

3rd J Flower Peg 20 with 11lb

4th P Hames Peg 26 with 10lb

Kingston Angling 6th September 09

1st Kevin Peg 25 With 38lb 8oz

2nd Derek Peg 27 With 33lb

3rd Mickey Peg 14 With 23lb 8oz

4th Mick Peg 6 With 21lb 6oz

5th Fred Peg 4 With 19lb

6th Clarkie Peg 10 With 15lb 8oz

Winning weight caught with cat food!

West Ewell Angling Club 21st June 09

1st Kevin Carslake Peg 11 29lb 04oz

2nd Frank Briscoe Peg 27 25lb 04oz

3rd John Poulton Peg 25 21lb

4th Peter Carslake Peg 22 19lb 12oz

5th Reg Pearse Peg 3 17lb 08oz

6th John Hughes Peg 30 16lb

CLPS 16 th August 2009

1st Andy on peg 30 with 40lb 14oz

2nd Howard on peg 23 with 34lb 2oz

3rd Keith on peg 6 with 27lb 8oz

4th David on peg 12 with 22lb 2oz

5th Gary on peg 25 with 18lb 12oz

South Park A/C 19th July 09

1st Mark Peg 19 with 48lb4oz

2nd Andy peg 6 with 38lb

3rd Dave peg25 with 21lb

caught on paste lunchion meat bread (not floating) maggot and prawn.



Anybody found using a barbed hook will be banned, with immediate effect, from all of our lakes.