Sabre - 11th September 2019

1st - 64lb
2nd - 37lb

Feltham - 25th August 2019

1st - Roger Bell 76-0 (peg 12)

2nd - Mark Read 49-2 (peg 1)

3rd - Phil Worrell 46-12 (peg 3)

2nd July 2017 - Snake Lake

1st - 30lb - Dave
2nd - 23lb 7oz - Graham
3rd - 23lb 2oz - Mick

West Ewell Club

Snake Lake 2017

First match of the year on Snake Lake on Saturday with a cracking winning weight of 55lb! Second weight was 16lb and third close behind!

Snake Lake match results - October 2016

16th October 2016 Snake Lake match results

1st    Mike   98lb 8oz
2nd   Jim    62lb
3rd   Pip     48lb 4oz
4th   Mick   39lb

Fantastic winning weight and good weights all round!

AMAZING weights from Snake Lakes Match at the weekend!!

1st Tony Cocks 109lb 12oz
2nd Mike Newland 93lb 4oz
3rd Jim Heasman 76lb 4oz...
4th Pip Knight 62lb 12oz
5th Ian Farmer 60lb 12oz
6th Pete Carroll 50lb
7th John Poulton 48lb

Well done West Ewell Angling!!

Match Results - Snake Lake - 18th June 2016

1st Lee Peg 27 42lb 1oz
2nd Jamie Peg 4 41lb 8oz
3rd Peter Peg 20 40lb 7oz
4th Ken Peg 30 39lb 3oz
5th Steve Peg 15 38lb 10oz

Match results 4th June 2016

4th June 2016

Barley Mow had a great match at the weekend on Snake Lake!

The match was a tie as both anglers weighed in at 50lbs!!!

Well done chaps!

Match Results - 22nd May 2016

West Ewell Angling had a great match on Snake Lake last weekend! 1st Mick Bradley 68lb 2nd Dave Steer 47lb 8oz 3rd Ray Smee 45lb 10oz 4th Jim Heasman 38lb 8oz

Snake Lake April 2016

Snake Lake Match Results April 2016

1 st Nick Crabbe 31lb 13oz
2 nd Steve James 31lb 12oz
3 rd Paul Owen 28lb
4 th John Kasey 26lb 15oz
5 th Clark Neville 20lb 1oz


Anybody found using a barbed hook will be banned, with immediate effect, from all of our lakes.