Cobham & District Sunday 5th June 2011

1st P Hollis Peg 1 with 84lb

2nd M Knight Peg 20 with 47lb 4oz

3rd G Martin Peg 17 with 32lb 10oz

4th D Foreman Peg 14 with 25lb 12oz

5th P Collins Peg 9 with 22lb 10oz

6th T Brewer Peg 13 with 20lb 11oz

7th J Hyland Peg 25 with 19lb 15oz

Mole A/C 22nd May 2011

1st Stewart Kendall peg 11 with 40lb 10oz

2nd Gordon Chapman peg 7 with 38lb 10oz

3rd Tim Fisher peg 5 with 36lb 12oz

4th Dave Taylor peg 1 with 35lb 8oz

5th Mick Felcher peg 8 with 32lb 8oz

6th Martin Smithers peg 26 with 30lb 8oz

7th Dan Smith peg 13 with 29lb 4oz

Cesas April 24th 2011

1st B Rudge peg 1 with 52lb Pole

2nd G Bailey peg 9 with 51lb 8oz

3rd D Norris peg 8 with 39lb 8oz

4th A Thompson peg 26 with 39lb 4oz

5th B Nede peg 7 with 38lb 8oz

6th D Tuffin peg 27 with 32lb 10oz

Faulkners April 10th 2011

1st Chris Gauld peg 26 with 54lb 8oz

2nd Martin Peters peg 20 with 54lb 6oz

3rd Mark Parrot peg 6 with 50lb

4th Andy Greek peg 13 with 47lb 4oz

5th John Mott peg 22 with 42lb 6oz

6th Dan Knight peg 3 with 41lb 4oz

7th Paul Brinkhusrt peg 19 with 36lb 6oz

Three Kings 23rd October 2010

1st Simon Coupose Peg 3 126lb

2nd Tony Baker Peg 1 89lb

3rd Ryan Stenning Peg 4 84lb

4th Adi Keough Peg 27 69lb

Total weight at the end of match = 635lb

Mole Anglers 19th September 2010

1st Peter Thatcher with 40lb4oz

2nd Andy Wyatt with 27lb 8oz

3rd Dave Mac with 27lb 4oz

4th Michael Newland with 26lb 8oz

5th Bob Chaffe with 16lb 12oz

6th Graham Mackin with 11lb

7th Les Guns with 10lb 10oz

Epsom A/C 8th Aug 2010

1st Nick Peg 9 with 65lb 7oz won on paste

2nd Paul Peg 1 with 56lb 6oz paste and meat

3rd John Peg 19 with 39lb 10oz corn and meat

4th B Beard Peg 3 with 34lb 14oz paste

5th Bob peg 4 with 27lb 8oz paste

Woking A/C Sunday 18th July 2010

1st Dave Steer Peg7 with 57lb 15oz Pole

2nd Pat Tegwell Peg 16 with 40lb 4oz "

3rd Phill Worry Peg 4 with 31lb 11oz "

4th Mick Felcher Peg 24 with 31lb 5oz "

5th S Kenday Peg 19 with 27lb "

6th Steve Mansfield Peg 11 with 25lb 6oz "

7th Tam Mekins Peg 13 with 23lb 15oz "

Rhodrons June 6th 2010

1st = J.Luke Peg 26 With 41lb 1oz

2nd = C.Tees Peg 23 With 25lb 5 oz

3rd = T Robini Peg 25 With 24 lb 1oz

Cobham A/C April 25th 2010

1st Paul Peg 3 With 23lb 10oz

1st Keith Peg 8 With 23lb 10oz

2nd Alan Peg19 With 20lb 5oz

3rd Mick Peg22 With 15lb 4oz

4th Steve Peg 5 With 13lb 3oz


Anybody found using a barbed hook will be banned, with immediate effect, from all of our lakes.