Fishing Update June 2015

The water is starting to warm and the fish are feeding, it’s a perfect time to get the rods out and enjoy the sunshine! Centre Lake is heaving with activity, the cats are moving about but playing hard to get by getting hooked but proving difficult to bring them to the bank! A few beautiful carp have appeared in the range of 10lbs to 25lbs in the last week too! The pike are keeping their appetite fulfilled and growing to a good healthy size, getting ready for their season in October!

Snake & Copse Lake at Dean House Farm & 2016 MATCH DATES

We hope you all have had a fantastic festive season and are all keen to try out the new kit you received for Christmas! With regards to Snake Lake and Copse meadow Lake you are now able to fish until the beginning of the summer on a day ticket basis as we have had a small set back with other tasks. we look forward to receiving lots of pictures from you all to update our gallery and see how the fish have matured.

October 2014

Make the most of the mild weather before the winter sets in. All lakes are fishing well, with big cats coming out of Centre Lake up into the late thirties. On Lodge Lake a 37lb Mirror Carp came out recently which was a surprise. This lake has also recently been on a Sky Sports program.

Day ticket prices on the RISE for 2015

Please be aware that the ticket prices are going up and come into action for 2015. Day tickets shall be £10 for one rod on Centre, Paddock and Guinea Lake. Copse lake will stay at £10 and one rod only Lodge and Bean lake which are the specimen lakes will stay at £10 for the first rod & £18 if you have two rods. Concession prices for Children under 14 and over 65 years of £5 for Centre, Paddock and Guinea Lake.

July 2014

I am please to say that you keen fishermen have certainly been taking advantage of the beautiful weather recently and gaining some amazing results. Bean lake - The biggest reported catch so far this year is 37lb5oz carp. The lake is fishing HARD but by putting the time, effort and commitment in people have been achieving better results, some even beating their personal bests! Average size of carp is 25lb Lodge Lake - 29lb is the biggest carp and the fish are being very allusive! beautiful Tench upto 7lb with the Golden Orfe being over 6lb 5oz.

March 2014

We have had a good start to the year with our first fishing match under our belt now on Jenny's lake with a winning result of 152lbs 4oz, well done Simon Copus. We were lucky to not be too affected by the recent flooding and many have enjoyed the sunshine over the last week with some good catches for this time of year. Also to the web site now you will see a fishing calendar which you can use to see which lakes are in use for matches, please have a look.

Copse Meadow Lake 2014

PLEASE NOTE Copse Meadow lake is now £10 a day ticket for one rod only. remember to send all pictures into us so we can update our gallery. We look forward to hearing from you all and please forward all info to

Fishing Latest. 26 th November 2013

Friendly Pike fishing match 7th December 2013 8 o'clock draw, 9 o'clock fish. 2 rods allowed NO entry fee but only 10 spaces available, must be booked in with the farm office on a first come first serve basis. Please call 01306 631573. All Pike fishing rules apply and must have keep nets, Pike over 10lbs will need to be weighed and returned back to the water. Everything is now slowing down with water temperature dropping although the carp are still feeding strongly- unusually many carp are being caught on dead pike baits!.

Fishing Latest August 2013

Hi All, Here's a brief update of the recent events and changes happening on our lakes. Our newly opened Lodge Lake has produced some big Tench from 5lb to 7lb, along with Carp up to 28lb and Orfe up to 5lb. A day ticket for Lodge Lake will cost you £10, or £18 if you wish to bring a second rod. On the subject on ticket prices, from the 1s of January 2014 we will be raising the day ticket price on Copse Meadow lake to £10 a day.

Fishing Lastest, Charity Fishing Match July 2013

Hi All, A huge thank you to everyone who took part in our charity fishing match in aid of Swans & Friends Bird Rescue! The match took place last Saturday on Centre Lake, and it was fantastic to see so many of you there supporting the cause! A whopping £350 pounds was raised for the charity, so we thank you all for your kind donations. The winner of our first place prize was George, whose catch weighed an impressive 45lb and 60z, congratulations! Honourable mentions go to our second and third place winners Peter Makcins and young Freddie Bacon, catching 43lbs and 32lb fish respectively.