Summer time comes early. April 2011

So great to see everyone taking full advantage of the wonderful weather we've all been having, the woods have become a carpet of blue and the birds are nesting, our swans on Bean Lake have a clutch of eggs and a few ducklings have been seen around the margins. Near on every day each lake has been fished and some super catches have been coming out.

A new year 8th Jan 2011

Our lakes have been frozen since the end of November until last weekend, so do phone ahead to book your day tickets just in case we receive anymore hard frosts in the weeks to come. We have had a few hardy fishermen braving the cold windy weather, the fishing is hard as to be expected, but on Centre things are looking up, Mark Eales one of our regulars, caught 12 pike on the 7th of January, the largest being 12lb and by chance he caught that particular pike twice, however a few days before that a 16lb pike came out from the depths, so dont be put off.

18th October 2010

Weed in Bean Lake really breaking up now because of the colder weather letting access to more fishing areas. Pike are regularly coming out of centre lake biggest so far 20lb. Match weights are getting less so its time to scale down hook sizes line diameter and bait size and reduce loose feeding. The autumn colours round the lakes are beautiful when the sun comes out and the pubs are lighting there fires now!

7th September 2010

Bean lake still produceing big fish up yo 25 lb this week, very weedy still but excellent conditions for the fish to keep growing. Copse meadow lake very hard in the day but first thing and end of day best time to go. On Center reported siteing of a pike taking fully grown moorehen by the island peg 5.

Breaking Fishing News!!!

As of 1st January 2017 we will be making a change to our rules on baits! In the new year we will allow Pellet and Hemp for a years trial and review at the end of the year to confirm if we will continue to allow these baits! Please note this change does NOT start until January 2017 and there is no excuse to start using the baits now! ... Any questions please feel free to ask!

Fishing latest Autumn/Winter 2016

Pike season is certainly in full swing with cracking double figure fish coming out consistently in Centre Lake. Carp and Bream are still feeding but they have quietened off a little in the last couple of weeks! Anglers have been avoiding Paddock Lake which is a fatal error as the fish in this lake are still feeding and with the big carp cruising around it would be silly not to give this lake a few hours out of your day!