April update 2016

The catfish in Centre Lake are starting to become more active and over the last week a couple of double figure cats have been caught. The Pike have now started to spawn with the odd one still taking the bait (naughty out of season pike)! Just this week an 18lb Carp came out too which was in great condition. The lake is buzzing with activity and it feels like spring is in the air!

Exciting News!

From the 1st May, Dorking Angling will be taking Stammerham's waters on! This will run along side our matches for 2016 and as of May 2017 Dorking Andling will have sole use!! We are excited to announce this news and would like to encourage any anglers still wanting to fish these lakes to contact S.C.Fuller for more info!

2016 Update

It’s been a quiet time over the last few weeks with the harsh weather keeping many anglers at bay.

However, the pike season is flying ahead full speed with some great fish being hooked and the majority hitting double figures! Make sure you get your rods out and have a crack at catching these fantastic fish before the season ends on 14th March! The odd carp popping up here and there too!

Not many anglers have been attempting to fish Paddock lake which is a shame as when it is fished it never disappoints with just a couple of weeks ago a fantastic carp was caught at 20lb!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Newdigate Farms would like to wish you a very happy and healthy new year!

We look forward to seeing you on the bank soon!

Dont forget to book your tickets on 01306 631573 or if there is a team of you why not book a match!!

Winter 2015

The pike season has certainly kicked off with a bang at Centre Lake! Since the beginning of the season some cracking pike easily reaching double figures have been caught with their favourite bait being sprats! Many anglers have battled the wind and rain and their patients and determination has paid off! The carp in Centre haven’t seemed to slow down with some great fish coming out also around the double figure mark! We haven’t had many photos sent in of the pike so would be great to see them!

August Update 2015

That time is nearly here, autumn is fast approaching which also means so is the Pike season! As of the 1st October Centre Lake will be teaming with anglers from all over to catch our impressive pike! The biggest pike caught last season was just touching 30lb! We are eager to find out how big they have grown over the summer, as we know they have been fulfilling their huge appetite! A reminder that all hooks MUST be barbless, we allow trebles on lures but again barbless only and both hooks on trace are singles and barbless!

Fishing Update June 2015

The water is starting to warm and the fish are feeding, it’s a perfect time to get the rods out and enjoy the sunshine!

Centre Lake is heaving with activity, the cats are moving about but playing hard to get by getting hooked but proving difficult to bring them to the bank! A few beautiful carp have appeared in the range of 10lbs to 25lbs in the last week too! The pike are keeping their appetite fulfilled and growing to a good healthy size, getting ready for their season in October!

Snake & Copse Lake at Dean House Farm & 2016 MATCH DATES

We hope you all have had a fantastic festive season and are all keen to try out the new kit you received for Christmas!

With regards to Snake Lake and Copse meadow Lake you are now able to fish until the beginning of the summer on a day ticket basis as we have had a small set back with other tasks.

we look forward to receiving lots of pictures from you all to update our gallery and see how the fish have matured.